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Lets talk flat lays

If you aren't familiar with flat lays (also called detail shots), this is where I collect certain items from my couples to photograph. It's always the first thing I do after I come and say hello! Starting with these shots always gets my creativity fired up and I'm always so excited to see what my couples include for their flat lays. This is also a great way to include items you might not ordinarily get photos of, like invitations or heirloom items.

"What do we need for detail shots?"

A flat lay can include details from both pairs! It’s not only a bridal flat lay. Here are some items that couples typically choose to include in their wedding flat lays:

  • Invitations (multiple of them if they are double sided) with envelopes; especially if there is a fun design on the inside or calligraphy with stamps on the outside!

  • Shoes / fun socks

  • Vow books or personal letters

  • All three rings

  • Bridal bouquet / boutonniere

  • Other jewelry like earrings, bracelet, necklace or watch

  • Cuff links

  • Perfume and cologne

  • Lipstick of the day

  • Hairpiece

  • Borrowed / blue / heirloom items

  • Personalized things like cocktail napkins, drink stirrers, or guest favors

  • Extra blooms! Ask your florist for some blooms and / or greenery to really elevate the photos

  • Ring box (if you don't have one, no worries - I have several different colored velvet ring boxes that I bring along as well as tons of ribbon too!)

  • Personalized / wooden hanger for the dress

  • Anything else you'd like to include! No two flat lays are the same and are unique to both of you! Don't worry if you don't have a lot to add - simple details are just as beautiful!

Now, of course these photos are not required. You don’t HAVE to have these photos. But if you like them, then definitely be sure to organize everything you want to include into a box or bag so everything is ready for me to grab as soon as I arrive. Also FYI - setting up these photos takes about half an hour so make sure you have enough time allotted for this in your timeline.

Enjoy a handful of detail / flay lay images from previous wedding days!


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